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Join a community led by an ObGyn and mother who understands the pressure of getting everything right.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Sterling Parents is like a coffee date with experienced friends, a sit-down with your OB/GYN, and your most trusted pregnancy book -all in one place.

Guidance for preconception through postpartum

Extensive Library of Answers and Educational Videos

Live Teaching and Heartfelt Support from Dr. Sterling and Guest Experts

Robust Library of Downloadable Workbooks and Guides

You want to enjoy your journey, but…

Whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum the “what ifs?” and pressures to get it all right are heavy. Too many find themselves overwhelmed with information, and feeling isolated at a time when they need community the most.

Rather than trying to “power through,” you deserve to enjoy your present, even if it’s not perfect.

In the Community, we provide expert education, heartfelt support, and meaningful insight so you can find your own rhythm. You’ll tune into your inner wisdom, while connecting with other moms for much-needed support.

Get answers and advice you can trust (without wasting hours searching on Google).

Preparation for the Physical and Emotional Journey

Monthly Focus on The Three Pillars of Calm Confidence

Feel Worthy

Reprogram your brain
Self-care rituals and routine
Create boundaries

Be Present

Mind-Body Connection

Experience Joy

Know thyself
Prioritize fun and pleasure
Embrace the imperfect journey

Ready to cut through the overwhelm?

Find out what Dr. Sterling believes are the key elements to having a calm and confident reproductive journey.

Find Calm Confidence

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Find a community of like-minded people who’ve been there and want to help.

Get trusted answers and advice

Enjoy a single source for preconception, pregnancy & postpartum advice from a medical professional.


Feel confident you’re doing the right things for you, your family and your baby.

Timely Advice + Timeless Wisdom

“I don’t know if I would be going into labor with such peace in my heart if it weren’t for Dr. Sterling. I feel like she is one of my biggest cheerleaders and I’ve never even met her! appreciate her caring so deeply about us, and caring about more than just our babies and our labors, but about our wellbeing before, during, and after childbirth.”

Rachel C.

“Dr. Sterling has changed my life, and I know I’m not alone in that. Her content around preconception and pregnancy preparation has given me the tools to begin being a mother now through the act of preparing my body, my relationship and my home for a family.”

Nicole K.

Why Become a Sterling Parent

Preparation for Every Stage

From preconception through postpartum, follow a framework for the physical and emotional changes. Enjoy a healthy pregnancy, ready yourself for postpartum, and have the support you deserve after baby arrives.

A Comprehensive Library

Searchable, organized database of Q&As, PDFS, educational videos and expert interviews. No more internet “rabbit holes”.

Mindfulness Techniques for Stress Reduction

We’ll help you prioritize self-care and learn meditation techniques to reduce stress before, during, and after pregnancy.

Live Sessions 2 x Monthly

Enjoy live teaching opportunities and live support twice a month with Dr. Sterling and other expert guests.

Connection with Other Moms

Have access to a committed and compassionate Facebook community. Join The Book Club for 3 live events a year and interviews with the author.

Meet Dr. Sterling & the Team

As an OB/GYN, I’ve helped hundreds of mothers bring babies into the world. Time and again, the mothers I’ve cared for expressed frustration and overwhelm at all of the conflicting information and advice.

Women don’t need more information to sift through, they need one trusted resource they can rely on for medical advice as well as strategies for having a calm and confident journey.

I started Sterling Parents so that overworked, stressed moms can relax. I want to provide the expert advice they are looking for SO they can stop digging for answers and get in touch with their own inner wisdom.

I want to lighten your load so you can thrive as the mom you are meant to be.

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Relax, knowing you’re doing the right things for you and your baby.


You struggle with stress and want:

Trusted Answers

You’re ready to cut through the overwhelm of misinformation and get clarity around your health questions.

Expert Advice

You want a second opinion from an OB/GYN and mother who has been where you are.

Connection & Community

You’re tired of trying to do it alone. You want to relax and connect with others who understand your challenges and concerns.

Who’s Taking Care of You?

Get expert education, heartfelt support, and meaningful insight

Answers to ALL the questions

With educational videos, articles and a Q&A page, we’re like a round-the-clock second opinion from a Board Certified ObGyn.

Focus on Mindfulness

A framework journey to teach important mindset shifts to help you prioritize self-care, find more joy and tune into your inner wisdom.

Connection with other pregnant people

End isolation in a community where you don’t always have to be the strong one. Connect through book clubs and join live teaching and mentoring with Dr. Sterling.

Free Resources for Every Stage Of Your Pregnancy Journey


Optimize fertility and prepare for pregnancy.


Everything you need in your hospital bag.


Life-Changing Tips to Overcome Common Challenges.

Relax, knowing you’re doing the right things for you and your baby.

Join a community of fellow overachievers, led by an ObGyn and mother, where you can get answers to all your questions and discover your inner wisdom.