ObGyn Approved

Leak-Proof Water Bottle

Leak-proof water bottle for on the go

Nursing Pillow

Structured pillow that's great when you need both hands free

Comfortable Bra

While not a nursing bra, comfortable & easy to pull down


Freshness with only natural ingredients

Organic Nipple Cream

Great to apply before pumping

Hydrogel Nipple Pads

Nipple pads for sore nipples in postpartum

Donut Pillow

Great pillow for after birth - especially with hemorrhoids

Postpartum Underwear

The most comfortable underwear for postpartum

Panty Liners

Pantry liners for lighter spotting

Postpartum Pads

Postpartum Pads for after the hospital - pairs great with Frida mesh underwear

Pain Relieving Spray

Dermaplast pain relieving spray for perineal healing

Mesh Underwear for Postpartum

Frida Mom mesh underwear for postpartum

Stroller Fan

A great stroller fan for birth & baby

White Noise Machine

A portable white noise machine that's great for the hospital & for baby

Postpartum Product Kit

Frida Mom postpartum product kit for delivery

Bathroom Stool

The bathroom stool to fight constipation in pregnancy and support your pelvic floor in postpartum

Lip Treatment

Sarah Happ lip treatment for combating dry lips in pregnancy

Water Cup for Pregnancy

Dr. Sterling's favorite water cup for ultimate hydration in pregnancy

Pregnancy Pillow with Cover

Pregnancy pillow with removable cover from Boppy

Pregnancy Pillow

Memory foam pregnancy pillow option from AS AWESLING

Kindred Bravely Shorts

Comfortable longue shorts for maternity & postpartum

Old Navy Tank Tops

Maternity Tank Tops

Kindred Bravely Leggings

Perfect for maternity & postpartum

Plus Size Maternity Clothing

Plus Size Tank Top & Leggings

Complete Prenatal

Dr. Sterling's personal choice prenatal for TTC & the 1st Trimester

Gummy Prenatal

A great gummy prenatal option! Note: Not Kosher and does not contain iron

Magnesium Gummies

Magnesium supplement in the form of gummies

Sustained-Release Magnesium supplement

Dr. Sterling's personal favorite magnesium supplement

Magnesium Supplement

The supplement that's safe in pregnancy and helps with sleep, head aches, gut health & more

Compression Socks

To keep swelling at bay - these are my favorite compression socks

Maternity Support Belt

When you need extra support for a more comfortable pregnancy

Sleep Eye Mask

My go-to eye mask for quality sleep in pregnancy