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24/7 Pregnancy Support from a board-certified ObGyn

Ease your worries, be well-informed, and nourish your baby with the best support available for pregnancy.

$57/month or $45/month with annual membership. 30-day money-back guarantee

You are pregnant or trying to conceive and...

  • You want to do everything right for your pregnancy.

  • When you have a question, you don’t just read the first hit on google and move on. Of course not!

  • You search until  you have the best information because you care about being informed for your pregnancy.

  • Sometimes when you are worried you wish you could just take out your phone and contact your OB without waiting days for a response or weeks for an appointment.

When you care deeply about your pregnancy sometimes finding the right information can be overwhelming and stressful.

You have a lot of questions and worries but where do you take them? Google, friends, try to get in touch with you doctor?

You feel overwhelmed with all the decisions you have to make. There's too much information and it can be hard to know who and what to trust.

You aren't getting what you need out of your prenatal appointments. You either feel rushed, or you forget to ask questions, or you just keep hearing "it's normal" without any real solutions.

You aren't alone...

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"I love that now I can go on to Sterling Parents and know that the research, data, and advice is coming from experts. You put so much into it and I so appreciate that. I feel informed."
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"This community has not only provided me with an abundance of evidence-based information, but more importantly is a constant reinforcement that life needs to include joy and time for ourselves."
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"I love office hours!! I really like being able to ask [Dr. Sterling] my questions and hear other members questions because a lot of the time there are things that I hadn't thought to ask!"

$57/month or $45/month with annual membership. 30-day money-back guarantee

Would it help if you had...

An ObGyn you could message 24/7 and know you would get a response that day or the next. Often within minutes!

One place you knew you could trust where you could get all the information you need for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 

On-demand classes to help you prepare for birth, take care of a newborn, and navigate postpartum.

Support for the physical AND emotional experiences of pregnancy and beyond.

Today is your lucky day because the Sterling Parents Membership has all of that and more!

Join now and get

$57/month or $45/month with annual membership. 30-day money-back guarantee


Hi, I'm Dr. Sterling

As a board-certified ObGyn and mom-of-three I get it. You care deeply about getting everything right for your baby. But getting your questions answered and the support you need in a timely fashion is hard.

This is where I come in.

You deserve 24/7 access to pregnancy support and guidance, which is why I created Sterling Parents, an online membership for pregnancy and postpartum.

As a member you have direct access to me for questions, 24/7 access to pregnancy information curated to your stage, and everything you need to birth & blossom into the parent you were meant to be.


I’m here to help ease your worries, keep you well-informed so you can focus on nourishing yourself, your baby, and your family.

Want best support available for pregnancy?

$57/month or $45/month with annual membership. 

30-day money-back guarantee

Pregnancy is tough. You deserve support.

Trusted answers and expert advice, all in one place

$57/month or $45/month with annual membership. 30-day money-back guarantee

Sterling Parents Members LOVE these features

24/7 Access to a ObGyn

  • No more google spirals or waiting days to hear from your OB!
  • Private Instagram Account where you can direct message Dr. Sterling anytime.
  • Twice monthly community Zoom meetings to ask your questions face-to-face.
  • Similar services charge $300+/month for this access!!

Answers You Can Trust

Get answers to all your pregnancy questions in one place. Save your money on pregnancy books, we have everything you need!

Watch Videos Covering:

  • Fatigue in Pregnancy
  • Nausea
  • Genetic Screening Options
  • Empowered Plus Size Pregnancy
  • Nutrition and Intuitive Eating
  • Reducing Stress
  • Pregnancy Self Care
Access Dr. Sterling’s Guides to Prenatal Care, Skin Care,  Bonding with Baby in Pregnancy, Sleep, and Self Care Rituals for Pregnancy

Have an Informed and Confident Birth

With on-demand classes covering:

  • Preparing for a low-intervention, medication free birth
  • Pain management options
  • Pushing techniques
  • Reducing tearing and preventing damage to pelvic floor
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
  • Belly Birth (cesarean)
  • and so much more
  • Worth over $200 (completely free with membership)

Be Prepared for Baby

With on-demand classes covering:

  • Newborn Sleep
  • Choosing a pediatrician
  • Breastfeeding (from dealing with supply issues, improving latch, pumping and so much more)
  • Visitors Postpartum
  • Calming and comforting Baby
  • Choosing a formula
  • and so much more
  • Worth over $100 (completely free with membership)

Access a Community of Experts

Live & on-demand content from our Community Experts includes:

  • Stretch Marks and Skin Darkening in Pregnancy with Dermatologist Dr. Chibnall
  • Managing Back and Pelvic Pain with Pregnancy Physical Therapist Dr. Grant
  • Treating Constipation and Hemorroids with GI Specialist Dr. Shah
  • Plus LIVE Zoom Q&As with experts montly

Support for your Physical+Emotional Wellness

On-demand classes covering:

  • Deprograming from toxic messages
  • Self Care
  • Boundaries
  • Mindfulness
  • Intuition
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Know Thyself
  • Embrace Imperfection
  • Prioritize Fun & Pleasure

9 Skills for Physical + Emotional Wellness in Pregnancy that prepare you for CALM CONFIDENT Parenting

$57/month or $45/month with annual membership. 30-day money-back guarantee

But that's not all...

While support from the medical system drops off after birth, Sterling Parents adds support.

Monthly Postpartum Support Group

For people preparing for postpartum and those currently postpartum. Topics include:

  • Navigating Relationship Changes
  • Mental Health
  • Boundaries with family & friends
  • Bonding with Baby
  • Navigating a Toddler and a Newborn

and 2x Monthly Meetings on Zoom with Dr. Sterling to answer all your postpartum questions!!

Live & On-demand Breastfeeding Support

Monthly Live Q&As with a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

On-demand Feeding Classes Covering:

  • Breastmilk Supply
  • Latch Troubleshooting
  • Supplementing
  • Pumping
  • Formula Feeding
  • Tongue Ties
  • and so much more

Live & On-demand Baby Care Classes

Monthly Live Q&A with Baby Experts including: The Pediatrician Mom, Nutritionists, Developmental Experts and more

On-demand Classes Covering:

  • When to call your pediatrician
  • Baby poop
  • Sleep
  • Developmental Milestones
  • and so much more

Support for your Postpartum Recovery

Direct access to Dr. Sterling for questions via private Instagram account and 2x Monthly Community Zoom Meetings

On-demand Classes Covering:

  • Healing from Lacerations
  • Navigating Complications & Trauma
  • Postpartum Hormones
  • Postpartum Depression & Anxiety
  • Healing Your Pelvic Floor
  • and so much more

$57/month or $45/month with annual membership. 30-day money-back guarantee

$57/month or $45/month with annual membership. 30-day money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many apps, websites and books that provide information for pregnancy. So much that it can be overwhelming trying to sort through it all. Sterling Parents has all the information you need but more importantly, it provides support and direct access to Dr. Sterling to get your questions answered. Trusted answers, expert advice and support all in one place.

Membership includes access to a private Instagram account where you can direct message Dr. Sterling 24/7. She begins every morning (with the exception of Saturday) answering direct messages and frequently answers questions throughout the day. You can also ask her questions in the private Facebook group and during her office hours on Zoom, which are held throughout the month. In office hours you can actually have a face-to-face conversation with Dr. Sterling– imagine that!

Yes. Sterling Parents includes a Pregnancy Loss Community Support Group, a private Facebook group for pregnancy loss, as well as a comprehensive class to help you navigate the medical aspect of pregnancy loss, including what testing is indicated after a loss.

Yes. The membership is specifically designed to support those who have anxiety and worries about TTC, pregnancy, & postpartum. Sterling Parents directly addresses the issue of anxiety/worries in pregnancy through multiple on-demand classes that discuss fears, anxieties, and stress in pregnancy. Many pregnant people also find having a single source for pregnancy advice and direct access to Dr. Sterling to be incredibly reassuring and calming.

Look at you being prepared! Love it!! Sterling Parents includes an online course to help you prepare to conceive. In fact, most members have joined while trying to conceive. Plenty of questions come up during this process and it’s great to have access to Dr. Sterling for support.

So glad you found us! Yes, Sterling Parents is especially worth it in the final weeks and days of pregnancy. Why? Because this membership doesn’t stop supporting you after birth. Nope! That’s when we shine. From our postpartum support group, to on-demand lactation classes, and newborn care content from our board-certified pediatrician Dr. Playforth we provide the support, answers, and community you deserve postpartum.

We feel you! This membership is designed for busy people. Many use the membership solely to have access to Dr. Sterling for questions and access to our member site for answers to their TTC/pregnancy/postpartum questions. These 2 features are huge time savers. If you choose to use the other resources there are several ways we help you save time:

  • Audio of all videos is available for download so you can listen while driving, doing chores, exercising etc.
  • Videos can be played at up to 2x the original speed.
  • Our search feature allows you to search inside the videos and be brought to the exact point in the video where your topic of interest is discussed.

We also provide the Busy Bee Schedule to help you allocate your time to get the most out of your membership.

For $57/month (or $45 if you choose an annual membership) Sterling Parents can save you so much time, and even more stress.

Yes. Not only do we have information about high-risk pregnancies, the support Sterling Parents provides to those navigating complicated pregnancies is unparalleled. Many of our members with high-risk pregnancies have found the communication with Dr. Sterling throughout their pregnancy to be immensely reassuring. You don’t have to go through this alone. Dr. Sterling and the Sterling Parents Team + Community are here for you.

You can cancel (or pause) your membership at any time.

Yes. Sterling Parents includes everything you need to prepare for birth whether you are planning a low-intervention vaginal birth, vaginal birth with epidural, scheduled cesarean, or hoping for a vaginal birth after a cesarean. There is no need to take additional birth classes.

Great question! Sterling Parents includes postpartum support for both you and baby. From our postpartum support group, to on-demand lactation classes, and newborn care content from our board-certified pediatrician Dr. Playforth we provide the support, answers, and community you deserve postpartum.

Yes! We have on-demand classes from International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant Sabrina Barber covering everything from preparing to breastfeed, navigating supply issues, tongue ties, pumping, supplementing and so much more. In addition, Sterling Parents includes access to Sabrina for live Q&As. We got you momma!

$57/month or $45/month with annual membership. 30-day money-back guarantee