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The Pregnancy and Postpartum Manual You’ve Been Asking For

Imagine pregnancy with…Less Worry, Less Stress, Less Late Night Google Searches

We accept HSA & FSA cards.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re thinking about starting a family or are in the middle of your reproductive years and everyone around you seems to think that the only thing you feel is excitement.

They give you all kinds of advice, telling you their birth stories (that quite frankly, scare you to death), and expect you to be filled with joy at the prospect of a young, growing family.

Don’t get me wrong, you ARE excited, but there are a whole lot of other emotions going on besides pure bliss.

Things like nausea, exhaustion, increased worry, feeling misunderstood by your family and friends and that no one truly understands what you’re going through…that’s just to name a few things running around in your head…

How are we supposed to handle an ever changing environment of pregnancy and postpartum…

…when some moments are filled with excitement and joy of what’s to come…where you can’t wait to hold your baby in your arms, and smell that sweet baby smell…

And the next is full of worry and fear:

Is the bath water too hot? Am I sleeping on the wrong side? How will I get through giving birth? Can I take this medication? Did I clip her fingernail too short? Am I spoiling her by holding her all the time? Am I not holding him enough? When will my body feel (and look) “normal” again?

You’re a little freaked out by everything you need to do and learn as you enter into these years and all of the pressure is on you to get it all right.

And expressing your needs without feeling like “that annoying person” is often challenging when we hear things like, “Oh that’s normal. You worry too much.” Or, “Just relax, everything will be fine.”

You want everything to be perfect (even though, logically, you know that’s not realistic)...

You make sure you don’t watch any TV that might be distressful,

You try to eat well because you know nutrition is important,

You prepare yourself, your spouse, your other kids, (and even your dog) to bond with your newborn,

You know you want to plan everything for your birth,

…yet there is the constant low level of uncertainty that you just can’t shake.

^^^You know you want to feel more supported and confident but chances are, you’re not finding it where you’re looking, i.e., the internet or the friend who just has “the best” pregnancies.

And asking your OB provider a question is a whole process in itself where it might take days to get back to you with an answer.

Even when you ask the question that’s been living rent free in your brain for days, you don’t always feel you can 100% – completely and totally trust the answer.

So back to your computer you go to search again, “just to make sure.”

And here’s the thing…

You also learn pretty quickly that no amount of internet searching, asking a friend, or checking in with a practitioner leaves you feeling 100% confident or reassured that you got the “right answer.”

Or at least one that’s going to help you sleep better tonight.

Meanwhile, everywhere you look, everyone else seems to have it all together and you wonder if you’ll ever get to that place where you’re confident that you’re making the best choices for your family.

In short, this whole pregnancy and parenting thing can feel lonely and confusing.

The truth is that you need a better source of information so when you look up a question, you walk away thinking, “Okay, that makes sense. I feel so much better.”

The good news is there is a way to stop feeling like you’re alone in this.

Let me remind you…

You deserve a safe place to find support when you need it most.

You probably need it more than you know.

We accept HSA & FSA cards.

Think carefully:

Do you have someone you can ask questions of, without feeling judged or embarrassed?

Do you love to gather information and research before you make any decisions?

Do you feel responsible to give your children the absolute best?

Do you want to feel supported and cared for and stop feeling like you’re alone in this journey?

I’m guessing the answer is “yes,” to at least one of these questions.

At our core, parents and mothers are meant to care for and protect our babies. It feels good. It’s evolutionary. And when you think about it deeply, it serves humanity to do this well.

But when we feel unsupported, overworked, and like it’s our job, it feels more like a grind (even a burden sometimes?) than a joyful experience.

The truth is…

It isn’t actually your job.

What if, instead of the responsibility for figuring it all out wasn’t on your shoulders alone? What if we carried it together and raised each other up?

What if I could help carry some of that load?

Just think about how it would change our society at its core if we could find support in an entirely different way…

Just imagine…

  No more feeling overwhelmed trying to find answers to your pregnancy questions on your own

Actually feeling seen and heard when you have a question and not pushed aside when you need support

No more spinning your wheels trying to do #allthethings to prepare for this new addition in your family

Less time wasted in indecision and information gathering mode making sure everything is perfect because you truly care about doing everything right.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a family, a mama-to-be, a new mom, a mom who’s growing their family….

You need a plan and a community that helps you carry the invisible load of pregnancy…the worries, the concerns, and the emotions.

Where you can safely ask the questions you need answers to, and find trusted information no matter where you are in your journey, with someone who knows and understands both sides.

A board certified OB GYN AND a mom of 3 who’s been through difficult pregnancies herself.

9 Essential Skills-7

What if you could have access to an OBGYN at your fingertips?

It would mean…

No more waiting for days to hear back from your OB when you have a question

No more thinking the worst while you try to figure out if what you’re experiencing is serious or not

Private Instagram account access to Dr. Sterling where you can direct message her at any time.

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"I love that now I can go on to Sterling Parents and know that the research, data, and advice is coming from experts. You put so much into it and I so appreciate that. I feel informed."
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"This community has not only provided me with an abundance of evidence-based information, but more importantly is a constant reinforcement that life needs to include joy and time for ourselves."
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"I love office hours!! I really like being able to ask [Dr. Sterling] my questions and hear other members questions because a lot of the time there are things that I hadn't thought to ask!"

Hi, I’m Dr. Christine Sterling

If you’re reading this, you may have had a taste of what I stand for and you know how much I love helping people throughout their reproductive years.

If you don’t know me, I’m a board certified OB GYN with 16 years of higher education in the medical field.

But even more importantly, I’m a mom of 3.

I’m known for my bold stance on shifting the narrative on pregnancy and postpartum, and supporting people throughout the years of growing a family.

(AND for being *that* person who says it like it is – and calls out the flaws in our system).

What you might not know is that my first pregnancy was really difficult. I was miserable.

I plunged into the depths of fatigue and nausea and I experienced my first and only real episode of depression.

And I thought back to all the times where people had told me that they weren’t feeling well and my response was, “Yeah, that’s normal.”

That experience and realization sent me on a journey of my own to start speaking more openly and recognize the true failures that I was dealing with inside of our healthcare system.

Once I started speaking out about this topic, people started to tell me, “you’re the only person who’s ever really been super honest about what it’s like.”

At that point, I knew there was a whole other layer to this journey and that people weren’t getting the support they needed.

At the time, I was still working within the system and it started to become an ethical dilemma for me.

I was asking myself how I could hold this information but literally not have enough hours in the day to share it with my patients?

I was having to pick and choose who needed it the most but in the back of my mind the clock was running through my head. “Oh no, now I’m 20 minutes behind and have all these people in the waiting room who are going to be mad at me.”

I just felt so torn that I knew people needed support but I didn’t have the time to provide it.

And that’s when I knew I needed to exit the system because I knew people needed my help now. I just couldn’t wait any longer.

I wanted to make a bigger impact all while making sure I could provide this knowledge at a reasonable cost to as many people as possible.

And even though I really miss delivering babies, my mission to help people in a more meaningful way, creating relationships, and building the foundation for healthier families, has only grown stronger.

I found that….

Getting Guided Support From An Expert OBGYN (and mom of 3) Was The Answer To Fill The Gap In The Broken System

The issue most people have when doing an internet search for a symptom or solution is that they have no way to know where the information came from or if they can trust that it’s true or if it’ll even work.

Which leaves them more confused and adds to mental overload in general.

Solving that problem meant creating a place where people could access information easily knowing they can trust it, given by someone who is knowledgeable and has on-the-job experience to consult with.

So in order to address the mental load and the emotional component of the reproductive journey, I created a framework that’s meant to relieve the internal stress that many women carry. It consists of four pillars.

Which I Call:

The Sterling Standard of Care

Better Information

The 3 E Verification:

You need a trusted source of information, that’s all in one place. One that’s verifiable – based on Evidence, Expertise, and Experience.

A Better Way To Make Decisions

The Confident Decision Framework:

Learn to make decisions in the face of high-stakes situations and uncertainty just like physicians (without second guessing yourself)

Life Skills To Be An Exceptional Parent

The Sterling Parent Toolkit:

Discover and practice life skills to help you reach the goal of being the best parent you can be to your little one(s). We’ve weaved these fundamental skills throughout each part of the journey throughout your reproductive years (and beyond).

The Sterling Parent Community

Within this beautiful community you’ll find a collection of diverse and unique people, each with their own story. Connections between humans who are willing to walk through vulnerabilities with each other and be better for it on the other side. Support to weather any season of life. And a lifeline when you need it most.


The Sterling Parents Membership +

The Mother of Pearl Package


Here’s What You’ll Get Inside:


Preparing for Pregnancy, Conception, and Infertility Concerns

Trying to conceive is a physical and emotional journey. Inside you’ll find guidance from experts, data and research to further your knowledge about your own unique circumstance, and gentle support to guide and center your wellness and reproductive journey.

  • Birth control methods, when (and when not to) stop taking birth control
  • Your nutrition and what’s right for you
  • Finding size inclusive providers
  • Understanding Ovulation
  • Pregnancy symptoms vs. period symptoms
  • And more…


Your Pregnancy: One Trimester At A Time

Each trimester of your pregnancy is unique and comes with its own emotions, worries, and wonders as your body changes and your baby develops. Get support you need beyond, “Your baby is now the size of a grapefruit.” Move forward with clarity and confidence through each phase of pregnancy, building a foundation of long-term health and well-being for you and your baby.

  • Fatigue in Pregnancy
  • Nausea
  • Genetic Screening Options
  • Empowered Plus Size Pregnancy
  • Nutrition and Intuitive Eating
  • Reducing Stress
  • And more…


Preparing yourself and your partner for birth

The birth of your baby is an important phase. It’s where much uncertainty lies for you and your partner alike. How do you make the right choices and considerations when things don’t go as planned? Even beyond the physical, the mental preparation is just as important. Inside you’ll find support with:

  • Preparing for a low-intervention, medication free birth
  • Preparation for inductions and epidurals
  • Pain management options
  • Pushing techniques
  • Reducing tearing and preventing damage to pelvic floor
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
  • Belly Birth (cesarean)
  • Cord Blood Banking
  • And more

Breastfeeding & Formula Feeding

Nourishing Your Baby

Navigating breastfeeding can be a beautiful bonding experience. But like anything in this journey, it has its own challenges and no two situations are alike. We’ll help you feel equipped to nurse your baby in whatever situation arises. Learn to navigate the unexpected twists and turns as you begin, getting the guidance you need from an international board-certified lactation consultant.

  • Milk supply
  • Support for combo feeding and formula feeding
  • Biting and teething
  • Tips for long feeds with a sleepy newborn 
  • Breastfeeding a distracted baby
  • Breastfeeding multiples & tandem feeding
  • Breastfeeding a NICU baby
  • Weaning and night feeding
  • And more


Bringing Baby Home

The health care system is truly missing this very important phase in the reproductive journey. Most of the time, you’re sent home after giving birth with no direction and wondering what to do when you bring your baby home. In this critical module, you’ll find the actual manual for what to expect, healing your own body, how our relationships might change, all while taking care of this tiny new life you created.

  • First pediatrician appointment
  • All about tongue ties
  • What you actually need to buy for baby (let’s save you some $)
  • Calming and comforting Baby
  • Choosing a formula
  • And more

The First Year

Your Growing Baby

Baby’s first year can sometimes feel like a blur. Between sleep deprivation and navigating the wild world of changes as your baby grows quickly in his/her first year, it can feel like every day is something new and different you need to be aware of. Take a look inside on how we’ll support you in baby’s first year of life.

  • Everything you never knew you needed to know about newborn poop
  • Gentle sleep transitioning
  • Managing diaper rash and skin irritations
  • The truth about teething
  • Cradle cap FAQ
  • Introducing Solids
  • Going back on birth control? What you need to know
  • Rocking your return to work
  • And more


Finding Your Parenting Rhythm

Parenting can feel like a loaded subject. Differing opinions on discipline, parenting strategies, punishment vs. rewards…how do you navigate parenting advice from well meaning family and friends? What feels good to you might be completely different than what normal societal rules have told you. Many times, you want to do things differently than how you were raised. Take a deep dive into all things parenting where you’ll explore what’s best for your family.

  • Potty Training 101
  • Parenting to your strengths
  • How to handle tantrums
  • Bedtime routines
  • Kids + Food: Creating a healthy relationship around food
  • And more

Plus You’ll Get Bonus Trainings From Experts On:

  • Boundaries
  • When to see an infertility specialist
  • Prepping your body for labor
  • All about Hormones
  • Formula feeding
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Feeling supported in your journey
  • What to know about milk supply
  • And more

And Don’t Forget…

  • Our Tried and Tested Favorite Products
  • Book Recommendations
  • Cheat Sheets and Checklists
  • Resource Guides
  • Handbooks
  • Fact Sheets
  • Trying to Conceive Planner


The Mother of Pearl - Best of Me Bundle

Which Includes:

BONUS #1: The Bliss Boost

A 3 Day Meditation Audio – focusing on 3 Key Areas:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Heart

Giving you evidence-based strategies that will instantly help lift your mood.

“I was moved to tears during the meditation–thank you so much Dr. Sterling. That was truly so special & much needed today.”   – Tanya

BONUS #2: The 3 Keys to Balanced Productivity in Pregnancy Mini Course

Module 1 – Prioritize during pregnancy

  1. The reasons behind why you feel like you can’t keep up
  2. How to unload your metal to-do list, cut, prioritize, and delegate ( I promise, cross-my-heart, it’s super simple).

Module 2 – Create your personalized energy map

  1. Discover your personal energy cycles and where your energy dips throughout the day and week
  2. Find your preferred simple pleasures and self-care to make you feel better

Module 3 – Avoiding the pitfalls of pregnancy

  1. How to accept the limitations you feel during this time
  2. Listening to yourself and your body and discovering how to tune into intuition

BONUS #3: Becoming Your Dream Mom Course Releasing Feb 2023!!!

So often as parents, we use an external measuring stick to tell us if we’re good enough moms and if we’re doing it right (and usually what we’re doing wrong)

Inside this bonus, I’ll help you define motherhood on your own terms. 

Your child is your soulmate.

When you are in alignment with you strengths and your values you are in alignment with your child. That’s why it is so critical that you know what those strengths and values are. 

Let’s create your personalized roadmap to becoming your version of the Dream Mom.

Hiring me privately would be pretty expensive.

This library of resources, 1:1 access to an OBGYN, other healthcare experts, along with the community support, is unheard of. And I know so many people need this more than they know.

But even more important, the time you’ll get back, and the mental overload you’ll alleviate with this membership is actually priceless.

The Sterling Parent Membership has the potential to save you thousands of dollars and so many hours of trying to figure it all out on your own.

But I know there may be a part of you that is still questioning if this is right for you.

So I thought, “I want to make this life changing program accessible to as many people who want it.”

Which is why I’m not charging the $2997 that it's worth.

I’m not even charging $1997!

For the next few days, you can get The Mother of Pearl Package with

The Best of Me Bundle for just $257/quarter!

That's just $2.85 per day.

Or you can save even more ($238) by signing up for the annual plan for $950.

And to make this even more affordable, we are HSA & FSA eligible!

But you won't see this offer anywhere else.
It's exclusive to those who signed up for the Pregnancy Class.
And it's only available for 8 days.

After that, the price will go up and the bonuses will go away.

Here's what your support looks like when you join today...

You can join The Sterling Parent Membership and…

Get the best value by taking advantage of this limited time offer.

You have 2 different options to choose from.

Here’s what your support looks like when you join today…

Pick the offer RIGHT FOR YOU!

HSA & FSA Eligible




And if You’re Not 100% Satisfied...Neither Am I…

The Cancel Any-Time Guarantee

You deserve to have support throughout your reproductive years. And that’s exactly why I’ve put together this membership. The growth that you’ll experience inside the Sterling Parents Membership is personal and individual.

If you join the Sterling Parent Membership and utilize the vast amount of resources within it, you’ll feel the difference. You’ll feel more supported, less stress, and so much more prepared for what’s to come.

I DO guarantee that I will hold up my end of the deal and be all in for you!

However, if you decide you don’t want to continue on with your growth, you can cancel at any time.

So how do you know if the Mother of Pearl Package is for you?

You want to do everything right and you care deeply about making sure that you take the best care of you, giving your baby everything he/she needs to thrive and grow.

You want to feel more confident about the information you’re receiving without second-guessing and losing sleep over whether or not “you’re doing it right.”

You just know that you want to prioritize your care and the health of your baby because between appointments, work, family commitments, and still trying to get to the grocery store, you know you can’t go on much longer feeling this frazzled and stressed.

You kind of want some focused attention on your needs (instead of being told you worry too much) and maybe even a little bit of hand holding to help you know for certain what to do next.

You’re ready to actually relax (and hear me correctly here, I’m not talking about someone telling you that you need to relax), I’m talking about actually taking a deep breath, knowing you have trusted information so you can feel better, with way less worry throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

Have a pressing question you need answered before enrolling in The Sterling Parent Membership?

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions I’ve been asked. If for some reason you don’t see your question below, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Claire, the Director of Member Experience, at hello@thesterlinglife.com.

First, we open up new modules as your pregnancy progresses so you don’t feel overwhelmed by content that you don’t need…yet. It helps cut back on mental overload to just focus on where you are in your journey.

Sometimes when we’re in survival mode, feeling overwhelmed is natural. The last thing I want to do is for you to feel more pressure or to be more of a perfectionist and try to do everything. That’s why I’ve set up this membership to be very easy to navigate because I understand what it’s like to have too much on your plate.

Some of these modules may actually be the very thing you need to get you out of survival mode.

So here’s what I suggest: browse through the description, find what you need, and listen to the first 5 minutes to see if it resonates.

Doing this is a great indicator to let you know if you’re ready for that content. It will always be there for you and you can always go back to it.

Remember, you can always download the audio and take it with you to listen to on-the-go.

Everyone is different in how they take in information. Some people like to use the information as a particular situation arises and they’ll use the modules as a reference tool.

Some modules are as short as 5 minutes. Some of the videos are longer because the topic at hand is more diverse. But even with those longer videos, the beauty is that because they are on demand, you can split them up very easily to watch when you can.

There are also some people who have a few hours over the weekend or at night and they’ll binge it Netflix style!

There’s no right or wrong way, this membership is meant to be used for whatever fits your needs because we know everyone has a different style of learning.

I created this membership with the busy person in mind. If you consider how much time is wasted trying to find information on your own, researching, making phone calls, and asking others for advice, it’s hours and hours of time spent trying to figure it out and then at the end, you’re still second-guessing the information you’ve found anyway.

This membership will not only save you in hours of lost time, it will give you peace of mind. It’s gone through the 3 E verification process and it’s reliable so you can feel confident in what you’ve received without all the second-guessing.

And remember, not only can you watch the videos on demand but you can also download the audios to take with you on the go.

If I can be totally honest. Yesterday would have been the best time. I’m guessing you’ve probably already spent so much time searching for answers on your own.

So ask yourself, “how much is my time worth and how much more mental energy do I want to spend trying to figure this out on my own?”

Do you really want to stay in this mental state of exhaustion any longer?

If your answer is no, then don’t wait. Now is always the best time (other than yesterday) to make a change.

As a member of the Sterling Parent Community, please know that my team and I are here to fully support you. We do that in three very specific ways:

#1. 1:1 Private Instagram account access (except on Saturday) to Dr. Sterling where you can direct message her at any time.

#2. Your Live Group Coaching and Q&A Calls: As a member you’ll receive 2 Live Calls a month with Dr. Sterling, 1 breast & bottle feeding support call with an IBCLC, and 2-4 community calls.

#3. My Support Team: Here is where our team will fully support you with any technical issues. Login, billing, tech inside of the program, you can contact [Name] and our support team at any time. [email]

Direct support for Dr. Sterling is actually just a piece of what this membership offers.

What we hear over and over is that once our members experience the guidance and support inside, they don’t want to leave and that they didn’t realize how much they needed it until they were inside.

You get all of the modules for each stage you’ll need support in through the reproductive years.

Plus, there are multiple support groups that you can join, and two private zoom calls each month within the community to get support from other members.

You’ll also have access to expert guest speakers to talk about relevant topics related to the reproductive journey.

Once you cancel your membership, you lose access to all content that you have received in the membership. You also will lose the current monthly rate that your purchase started with.

We do increase pricing every so often so if you rejoin, you would be paying the current rate being offered. Also, remember if you pay-in-full, you get two months for free and the current locked-in rate year after year as long as you continue on with the membership!

Many times inside free pregnancy apps, you’ll find a lot of information but most of it is pretty basic and generalized. For instance, they might say, “your baby is the size of an orange at this stage of your pregnancy.” Or, “You should plan to gain this much weight during your pregnancy.”

But the problem is, we are all different and getting generalized information can actually make you feel more stressed if you don’t fit into the parameters they give you.

What I help you with inside the membership is so much more than the numbers. Although I do give you the data to consider, I’m also reminding you at each step that centering your wellness as whole and what’s important to you as an individual is what matters most.

The Sterling Parents Membership is a whole philosophy around you and your own unique values and wellness. It’s not just bits and pieces of info, leaving you to try to figure it out on your own.

But that's not all...

What I’ve realized on this journey as I’ve talked with so many mamas is that we all want what’s best for our babies and for our families and that looks different for each of us.

But what we all have in common is that we’re not being heard and seen within the support system we have.

And I simply don’t accept that any longer.

Neither should you.

I believe with my whole being that this is the just the beginning of helping you change the narrative for yourself and allowing your voice to be heard.

Whatever the reason, you’re here, and it’s not by accident.

I believe we’re connecting now because you deserve support throughout your reproductive journey.

And I’m not here to tell you what to do. But I am here as a trusted guide to help you get the support you need.

Because you were never actually meant to do this alone.

Join me and our amazing Sterling Parent Community to feel that connection and compassion when you need it most.

I can’t wait to see you inside.