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A membership to Sterling Parents means your loved one will have access to trusted answers, expert advice and heartfelt support for their pregnancy journey from a board-certified ObGyn, so they can focus on nourishing themselves and their baby.

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Exclusive Access to Virtual Wellness Retreat

The Physical and Emotional Journey

Preparation for Every Stage

A comprehensive database of Q&As, PDFS, educational videos and expert interviews. All your questions answered in one place, plus complete preparation for each stage through online courses (Birth prep, VBAC, Trying to Conceive, Pregnancy, etc).

Stress Reduction

We’ll help you prioritize self-care and learn meditation techniques to reduce stress before, during, and after pregnancy. Address your emotional journey and our development as parents with online classes and our 12-week mindfulness program.

A Supportive Community

Enjoy direct access to experts (ObGyn, Midwife, Pediatrician, Lactation Consultant & more) through live classes each month. Plus find community and connection through the Sterling Parents Facebook group, Pregnancy Loss Support Group & monthly community chats!

Sterling Parents helps you…

Nourish your pregnancy

Sterling Parents teaches…

Presence & stress reduction

Sterling Parents provides…

A supportive community