Sterling Parents

Dr. Sterling Talks: Birth Control Options, Navigating Fear of Birth & More

Dr. Sterling joins Sterling Parents to discuss topics most important to them.

Check out the list of topics discussed below:

Office Hours Discussion

03:00 Navigating when doctors give differing opinions or advice

8:20 Medical reasons to take baby aspirin

12:00 Discussing types of birth control options

22:15 Risks of IUD insertion and types of IUDs

28:50 Difference between Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist and ObGyn

30:00 Shortness of breath and rapid heart rate in pregnancy

33:50 Weight lifting restrictions during pregnancy

37:00 Explanation of “Close Friends” on Instagram

39:40 How to address fear of labor/birth

49:00 Pelvic floor resources inside the membership

51:00 Explanation and review of mindfulness program