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The Perfectly Prepared Preconception Course

Everything you ever wanted to know about maximizing your fertility, getting pregnant, and preparing for your journey into motherhood.

The Sterling Pregnancy Course

It doesn’t have to be this hard. I’ve helped hundreds of moms embrace the imperfect journey and find the calm confidence they deserve.

The Confident VBAC Course

Everything you ever wanted to know about having a vaginal birth after cesarean.

The Mindfulness Program

This is an evidence based cognitive therapy program backed by tons of research showing the incredible benefits of mindfulness. Let’s reduce stress and improve the satisfaction in our lives together. 

Sterling Parents Exclusive

Balanced Productivity in Pregnancy

Exclusive to members who signed up before July 20th or after August 10th as a quarterly subscription.

This mini course will teach the 3 keys to doing less while achieving more.

Prepared Postpartum

Anticipate and overcome every postpartum challenge with calm confidence.

an online course and supportive community for expecting parents