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Navigating Health Care as a Black Woman and Birth Worker

In this episode of Becoming Moms, Dr. Sterling has an important conversation with Erika Davis of Whole Body Pregnancy (@_wholebodypregnancy_) about her experience as a Black woman and birth worker. Erika’s willingness to share her personal experience navigating the health care system and what brought her into the world of birth work makes this a truly incredible episode!

Every year Erika offers her services, classes, workshops and doula work free of charge for Black, POC and queer families who are without means. She does this work because she knows how important it is for marginalized people, specifically Black people who give birth, to have the support they need. You can support her work by donating here:

Venmo: @erika-davis-22


CashApp: wholebodypregnancy


Erika Davis – Whole Body Pregnancy (Childbirth Education for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC people & Childbirth Educator Training)

Host: Dr. Christine Sterling, Board Certified ObGyn & Founder of Sterling Parents Membership